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  Bunglow / Land 26-Sep-2012
I am looking for the Bunglow arround plot of 6000 to 7000 sq ft or land 6000 to 8000 sq ft in area starting from alkapur
  FLAT / DUPLEX HOME 01-Sep-2012
I am interested to buy 2BHK flat /DUPLEX HOME . Preffered location VADODARA NEAR OF CITY BELOW 25 LACK WITH ALL TAX.
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  1. Origin :-

    Tracing the origin of the Vastushastra, we find that it's different versions have been associated with various vedic scriptures and ancient texts. Rigaveda, Samaveda, Atharvaveda in one form or other have vastushastra related topics.

  2. What it is all about :-

    Constructions of building ,commercial place ,factory ,town planning ,religious place through vadic system (Engineering Jyotish ) is known as Vastu shastra .Five elements i.e. water ,sky, fire, earth, air have kept in mind before construction / revival of any establishment. .Sixty percent(60% ) of earth ,fifteen percent (15%) of sky and rest twenty five percent (25%)of water, fire and air are to be considered. Earth is divided into two parts upper the earth and under the earth. Generally the vastu based establishments are being constructed by leaving under the earth and upper the earth which is a major portion of vastu shastra. In Vastu shastra construction of any establishments is observed in seven phases which are as follows :

    1. Personality or nature of job of the inhabitant.
    2. Upper the earth.
    3. Under the earth.
    4. Construction of establishment on vadic system.
    5. Placement of materials into the establishment.
    6. Influence of sky.
    7. Garden ( if any).

  3. Importance of Vastu Shastra :-

    Mankind has five elements which creates its frequency and as such he has to live or propagate his life in the same frequency level. Vastu shastra is the text of the architecture and sculpture which deals the construction of building or any establishment considering the same frequency level with compared to the mankind and the establishment. Mankind live peacefully in vastu constructed house & propagate his life without any problem.

  4. Vastushastra in the modern world :-

    Vastushastra effectively manipulates the web of cosmic energy for the betterment of humankind. It's well defined rules and regulations ensure that all the houses, buildings and other structures are in harmony with the surrounding environment.

    Where modern architecture aims at bodily comforts of a dweller and functional effectiveness of the structure; the vastu aims at ensuring the health, happiness, prosperity, and well being of the human being occupying the dwelling and endows him with a sustained peace and tranquality of mind.

    Through vastu the physical world and the abstract world have to be matched properly and equitably in order to build the best possible dwelling. Physical world includes aspects as building material, contruction equipment, budgetary estimates, time duration to complete the contruction, the contractor, skilled and unskilled labours. In the Abstract world we encounter the mysterious and the incomprehensible.There are numerous minor things that can't be seen but can be felt or experienced. Some of them are religion, traditions, effect of five great elements (air, water, fire, earth, sky), eight directions, geomagnetic and other fields, frequency spectrum of sound waves and light waves, influence of planets.

    It is a fact that the original Vastu tenets prescribed the type of site amd then specified the layouts materials and construction techniques. In an urban milieu, one can hardly indulge in choosing dwelling sites. Thus the macrolevel implications that can be successfully adapted to contemporary needs.

  5. What is the significance of the Vastu Purusha :-

    The Vastu Purusha is said to be the spirit of the site with human male form and who lies on the site his head towards the east, his posture fitting exactly in a square. The square being the form recommende for most structures. It was easier to get the anthropometrically and aesthetically correct dimensions of rooms, doors windows and even the structural members like plinth and pillars. Even the interior planning was governed by the posture of the Vastu Purusha and the norms were said, which specified where and how the structure must be built, so that it does not injure the Vastu Purusha.

  6. How can Vastushastra ba applied to the commercial and industrial premises :-

    Vastushastra essentially deals with practice of architecture and building / construction science, but it touches every facet of life on this earth and the universe. The ever present link between man and the cosmos is the basic theme of Vastushastra. Vastushastra principles provide guidance for making optimum use of cosmic energy to achieve cosmic harmony. Pyramids, mirrors, bells, gems, precious stones, metals, colours, yantras, trees, flowers serve as catalysts in reestablishing the connection between man and the divine energy. With all its sublime and mysterious ways, the basic parameters used in Vastushastra compliant designs are: geomagnetic flux, solar energy, sound energy, and water sources. Vastushastra has a scientific background. The concept of dik-kal (dik=direction, kal=time) is reflected in modern science in terms of physics of space-time. Mass-energy equivalence is the backbone of all Vastu remedial measures.

    The original texts of vastushastra were confined in the architecture of temples, places and homes of the commoners. However, those very norms can be easily applied to the other structures such as offices and industries. So if, facing a particular direction brings in negative solar energy, the large machinery must be kept there to block the negative energy.

  7. However :-

    is a matter of faith. Vastu guidelines must be applied with due dilligence. In all cases, rules framed by local authorities and building societies must not be infringed. Vastushastra is not a magical formula for instant success. Application of Vastu principles result in physical and mental well-being over a period of time. Prosperity is but an outcome of the change in mental outlook and thinking processes brought about by the "feel-good" factor. Consultation with Vastu experts helps in defining problems and finding remedial measures.
Real Estate Vadodara.
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